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Kindness Brings Kindness

I have a hard time accepting compliments and nice gestures. I’m a giver. I give so much and do so much for so many people that you would think I could understand being on the receiving end too, but no. I feel awkward and sweaty and filled with anxiety. I think part of my journey through this blog is already slowly teaching me that a lot of people care and want to do nice things too.

Last week, I received the sweetest gift. It was so unexpected and sweet that I am so humbled and feel so blessed to have such kind people surrounding me and following my blog. It may be minor to you but to me this meant a lot.

I’ve “known” this lady for about 3 years now. When I started going to BodyCombat at the Y, 3 years ago, she had just completed her certification and was given Tuesday and Thursday nights as her nights to teach. Since she was new to teaching and I was new to this crazy Combat world, we were kind of quietly nervous together. Then throughout the years here and there we would run into each other, as we had similar friends and got to know a little bit about each other. One thing that has always held true is she has always been one of my favorite Combat instructors. That class Tuesday night is one of my favorite hours throughout the week to workout, although I really think every hour, class, bootcamp, BodyPump, running, etc. is all my favorite lol!

So last week, Tuesday night, when I got to my BodyCombat class, the instructor quickly comes up to me, hands me a bag and whispers, “Here I got you something. Open it later. Hopefully you know what it is. Never mind, it’ll make sense when you open it lol!” So naturally then during the entire class I’m wondering what could be in this mystery white gift bag with pink tissue paper.

After class, she was chatting with other people in class, so I thought I’d just take the gift and open it at home. I got to my car and couldn’t wait any longer. I opened it up, unwrapped the tissue paper surrounding it, paused and simply cried.

She had gotten me a new snack bag.

Do you all remember my article, 2 weeks ago about Gluten Free Snacks? And how I featured my famous Batman snack bag that I carried around with pride but secretly wanted a new “girly” snack bag? She read that and thought I needed a new bag!

After wiping my tears, I immediately texted her telling her how I cried (and I very rarely cry). I thanked her over and over again for the sweet gesture and thoughtfulness. She said “You’re welcome! You’re going to make me cry. I thought you needed a grownup snack bag. Us chicks shouldn’t drag around batman forever, even though he is pretty cool.”

What in the world have I done to deserve something so kind and thoughtful? What have I done to deserve the sweet gestures you all are making by commenting, liking, reading, gifting, making meals, and supporting me? I am beyond humbled. I am beyond grateful for this journey, and it seriously has just started! My excitement for what is to come and where this brings me is through the roof!

To the instructor who gifted me this amazing new snack bag, thank you, thank you and thank you over and over again! I LOVE it! Can you tell in the picture?? 🙂

It really is interesting when you meet people who look at the world in a negative microscope. I can only say this because I once was that person. Life sucked. But wow, I have realized that when you are kind and give people a chance, life opens so many doors for you. I believe kindness brings you kindness. Love brings you love. Happiness brings you happiness. You make life how you want it to be. Right now, me and my new snack bag are pretty happy!

“Never allow anyone to take away your sparkle. Be kind and laugh and love often.”

Cheers, Tracy

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