Autoimmune, Celiac, Gluten, Hypothyroidism

This is Me!

Welcome to my blog! I am here to give you my take on health, wellness, fitness, talk about my autoimmune disease-celiac and A LOT of talk about my kryptonite…gluten!

I was diagnosed just a short year ago however, I have dealt with unfavorable symptoms for the last 15 years. I have been poked, pricked, scanned, examined and questioned by too many doctors to even begin to count. So much so that I began questioning my sanity. Was I making up my symptoms? Maybe I’m a hypochondriac?

I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism in November of 2008 and was immediately put on thyroid replacement medication. After months of being on the generic brand, Levothyroxine, I was still not feeling any better despite my bloodwork showing the medicine had brought my thyroid levels back to acceptable. “It will take time for your body to adjust and rid itself of the symptoms” one doctor stated to me. I just wanted to feel normal, whatever that was.

I continued on with life, here and there finding a new doctor or finding the energy to request more bloodwork. I gave birth to 2 baby boys, Logan in 2013 and Mason in 2015. My symptoms were getting worse and worse. Dizziness so bad I sometimes would stumble like I was drunk. Bloating so bad I was in pain keeping me home and cancelling plans. My digestive system was so out of whack and miserable. Rashes, acne, nails breaking with zero strength to them that opening a can was impossible. Brain fog that would deprive me of the ability to remember the simplest of tasks. I cannot forget the agonizing exhausation. Way more than just a tired mom of two boys. I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to find answers. I couldn’t give up. I knew these symptoms were my body’s way of saying, “something is wrong!”

It was March of 2018 when I happened upon a Dr. Oz episode. I was flipping through channels when my interest was peaked as I saw the word Thyroid written on the bottom of the screen and Dr. Oz interviewing a woman named, Dr. Amy Myers. I stopped flipping channels and listened for a moment when all of a sudden I realized my jaw had dropped and my eyes were wide as I watched with enthusiasm and excitement from all I was learning. Without hesitation I went on Amazon and I ordered Dr. Amy Myers’ book, “The Thyroid Connection” and thus began my research.

After hours, days, nights and weeks of research I stumbled on an article mentioning the connection between thyroid disease and gluten and the autoimmune disease, Celiac. I searched for an endocrinologist who, during my first visit, proceeded to tell me that there is not a connection between food and disease and that most of my symptoms are most likely a result of carrying children. She also highly doubted I had celiac but said she would add it to my bloodwork order “just in case.” Sure enough, on August 28th, 2018 I received the call from their office to tell me that I indeed have celiac disease and need to live the rest of my life completely removed from gluten.

My life has forever changed. I feel friggin’ fantastic! I have my moments of sadness from the sometimes lonely feelings that come with living this way but wow can I say, the painful bloating has stopped, my head is clear and exhaustion is now just the tired feeling of being a mom of two young boys. I am finally at a point that I can say, I am so grateful and proud of myself for continuing to push. For not giving up. For demanding the test. And most of all, for listening to my body!

I created this blog so I can not only share my story with you, but so I can maybe help even just one person. Living gluten free is so challenging but you do not have to do it alone! So stick with me as I share my journey, recipes, restaurants, emotions and how I do my best to live my best life!!

“Never allow anyone to take away your sparkle. Be kind and laugh and love often.”

Cheers, Tracy

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